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The column "html" shows the size of the article in html format and if clicked opens it in a new window. The "zip" column contains the zipped article and images or source if any. Note that brighter rows mean new or updated article. If you take the time to read the articles, please take the time to tell me what do you think of them.
Title  Html  Zip Last update
Arithmetic coding, entropy coder 20k 7k 22-Jul-1999
Bwt, block reduction 21k  8k 22-Jul-1999
Canonical huffman. 15k  5k 23-Jul-1999
Crc-32, the standard Crc 6k 7k 10-Aug-1999
Finite context modeling 37k 12k 16-Nov-1999
Flexible parsing, improvement of lz  10k 4k 24-Jul-1999
Lz77, also called lzss 40k 14k 23-Jul-1999
Title Html  Zip Last update
Lzw, for gif decoding 27k 9k 23-Jul-1999
Mtf, a transformation scheme 9k 3k 24-Jul-1999
Implementing ppmc with hash tables  111k 327k 21-March-2000 
Quasi Static model 19k 6k 13-Aug-1999
Range coder 24k 8k 17-Nov-1999
Rle, Basic scheme 7k 3k 24-Jul-1999

As you can read in the index I'm going to publish as soon as possible new articles, if you want to get an email when this happens, please fill this form, moreover you can use it to tell me which file format do you prefer. If you have any question about the articles feel free to email me.

My goal is to offer the best articles about compression for free. Thus I need your feedback on the articles to further improve them: What you don't know. What was confusing or unclear. What difficulties you found while implementing it. Or what you miss. Teeling me so is the only way of further improving articles for you, and depends only of you.

Note that since my first articles both my knowledge about compression and english have greatly improved, thus you can notice a difference in quality between old articles or the latest ones. Unfortunately I don't have the time to rewrite all the articles (as I would like to) so instead please tell me which articles do you find worth rewriting, and I'll do so.

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