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Those are some links about compression, divided in three kinds. In the case you are a beginner you must visit the first three links and you should also have a look to the rest of links, and in case that doesn't answer your particular question, feel free to email me or post to comp.compression. Please, if any of the links don't work email me or use the form to tell me so.
  1. Compression, begginers
  2. Compression, advanced
  3. Compression, pages with links

Compression, begginers  comp.compression Faq.  The Archive Comparison Test.  Ghost Script. Ps viewer.  Corpus files.  The h-page of Mark Nelson, bwt, artihmetic coding and suffix trees.  Lossless compression articles.  Lossless compression.
news:comp.compression  A forum about compression.
news:comp.compression.research  Another one (with little traffic). Use this site to search old postings or reading and posting.

Compression, advanced  The page of Alistair Moffat.  The original paper about Bwt.  Charles Bloom h-page. Lzp. Ppm. Wavelets...  Advanced tricks about Huffman..  A version of arithmetic coding.  Context TreeWeighten.  Jeff Vitter's Recent Papers  The Faq of Jpeg  More about jpeg  Some source code  The articles of Peter Fenwick  Info about pkzip.  Lossless compression library.  Dr. Ross Williams Compression Crypt. Lzrw.  Tiff image format  Compression patents. - Png image format.

Compression, pages with links Worth visiting Lossless Image Compression

Please, if any of the links doesn't work email me or use the form to tell me so.

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